Aug 072013

I had to revisit Spain and this trip would have been incomplete with out it.

Blanes, Spain
I headed to Blanes via Barcelona from a flight from Marseillie, France.
Blanes in short as a great beach as in much of Spain, East, South, North, or West to the Canary Islands. Blanes has a nice Jardin Boatanical as well. And thats about it. I was there for 3 nights, and went mostly to the beach. Avoid blanes if you can. More on that later. Better to go to Lloret de Mar, or even better is Tossa de Mar, and perhaps equally beautiful in a differnt way is probably Roses, Spain.

Barcelona, Spain
I been to Barecelona before, and stayed here for two nights before heading out to my other love. Mallorca. Actually my plans where to stay in Spain, and to go from Catalyuna to the North-East, Central North, North West, and south of Madrid later in September. I just started getting very tired, the humidity was a bit much for me, and lastly the pockets where taking a hit.

So before heading back to New York City, I head to my other love, Mallorca. I also had it in my plans to visit Menorca which I probably would love even more, and cancelled out it as I was just very tired, and didn’t want to exert too much energy.
While in Barcelona where I had also hope to live for about a week I mostly walked, went to local grocery stores near Via Augusta and walked all the way to La Sagrada Família (Sacred Family). The reason for this was the last time I was in Barcelona I had not visited the Sagrada Família properly, and was in quite a bit of hurriedness. This time it felt very good, and took in as much as I could possibly.

Mallorca, Spain
I later headed to Mallorca via an expensive last minute (a fews days prior) flight booking. There is a ferry, and it takes a long, long time and I believe you have to sit through it as opposed to sleep through it. The better bet is to take the Ferry to Menorca which is about 3 to 4 hours max, and spend a night or X amount of time in Menorca and take the ferry to Mallorca. If time permits I suggest to take the ferry both ways from Barcelona to Menorca Route. After all it is the clear, crisp, beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

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