Aug 072013

Took the train from Zurich, Switzerland to Lyon, France via Geneva, Switzerland.

Lusanne, a city very close to Geneva seemed like a pristine Tuscan town, run with German efficiency, and Swiss banking, and believe it or not French Sweetness.
I will be back again in Lusanne one day.

I arrived in Lyon, and it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure if I would ever visit France after visiting Paris about 12 years ago. Lyon, France was totally different. People, of all ages, respected me, were truly humble, honest, and friendly. If there is ever a model of human respect, humbleness, honesty, and friendliness, and followed by original French foods from the farm to the kitchen or the cafe or Bistro, then it is in Lyon, France. It will serve as a model of humanism for me that I hope I don’t forget, and keep reminding myself to erode the times my ego (arrogance) might try taking me to heights in order to avoid the painful falls.

I stayed here in Lyon for 1 night, and spend 2 days wandering around.

Later, headed, to south France for some time with the bleu sea.

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