Aug 072013

I headed back to Munchen for about 4 to 5 days. This time I said in a lovely apartment hotel
in Nymphenberger in the area from the schloss nymphenburg palace about a 30 min walk, 5 min drive, or 2.5 km. It was a great area and an area where I hope to stay in the future for a much longer time. I made some friends while attending a friend’s sibling’s friend party. The native Bavarian Germans were very friendly, and generous in many ways, including being offered an apartment if I was not going to have one the next day, as my plans were not made up for the next day. It was very much like an Agile software development project where you have a vision of places to touch-visit, and just not sure of your hour to hour or day to day exact details, and you leave certain decisions until you come to that crossing.

Well, it was great to come back as I saw how many native Muncheners live and loved being outside of the touristy areas. For the most part I can’t stand the touristy areas, the tourists feel like a herd of goats and clicking and snapping photographs everywhere. The excitement overwhelms their ability to first take it in or start to experience it to later digest it, etc. Not that I don’t get excited, at times I do too, and I end up regretting it, unless its excitement such as a music celebrity (U2’s Bono, Edge – show up), I have no problems with that. Yet, I would not like to snap away my camera as it is surely annoying. I prefer to experience, and record it in my head, eyes, ears, sensations, and feelings, and later eat or have coffee, and enjoy. Later, at late night go to my hotel room late at night, or the next day it will just happen, where I will just set aside a few hours or a day and knowing what to shoot, and what times of day to shoot.

I love photo shooting people too, though, people much over the world have become super self-concious and at times I am afraid to photograph them. As if he or she is that important. This has been a great lesson for myself as I will now smile freely and peacefully when someone has their camera pointed at me. Shoot away 🙂

Munchen has an awesome central train station (HauptBahnof) where you get connections to almost anywhere in the rest of Deutsche Land, and much of bordering European countries I loved the U-Bahn especially the U1 line from HauptBahnof in the Olympia-EinKaufszentrum direction. I would exit at the Gern stop.
And Gern stop was my favorite stop, as the station has much modern art work going on, and is super clean like much of (good side of) Munich, and the trains including the U-Bahn were always clean compared to our smelly NYC subway stations and actual train cars. This was pretty much true in most of Deutsche Land that I visited or passed through. Yes, in Berlin there were areas of grafiti, and none that I saw on the subways, and maybe I missed them. There is one area, actually its a nice are of Munchen, where I saw Graffiti, and it was hidden under a auto pass through. It was super awesome graffiti-art. I forgot to take a pic.

Hint: its near the Mercedes Benz dealer ship in Munchen with the tall lighted sign as a reminder of where one is.

Yes, I will be back. And will surely visit again, and again as the Christmas market and the Peters Kirche will bring me back, and so will oktoberfest (just not in 2013). Then there are so much to do in the country side, and that is my most favorite part of Bavaria and Bavaria in the South, and Deutsche Land in General.

Any of you remember Nina from the 80s? Well after finding time to update this post, and spending time in Mallorca, well I just couldn’t help think about Nina. Here is link from the past, and still damn good:

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