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Landed in Milano, Italia on May 8th.  The airport felt seedy.  Very seedy.  I was glad to see an airport in (Western) Europe that is super outdated in comparison to JFK.  Quite the opposite of it’s closer regions in Northern Europe, or even Marsielle Airport in Southern France.  Funny stuff Italy: In your face rough, playful, and flirty as always (except for Tuscany I think).  Still, got to be careful..



Milanos seemed to be quicker than the Tuscans, I think almost everybody else in Italy is faster than the Tuscans.  However, the pseudo sly ones are from Rome, and further down south.   I had a quick chat with a girl from Sweden, and she recommended that I take the bus from the airport to the central station.  I didn’t. I recommend it, as long as the weather permits.  That’s because the bus departs almost right away, and is as fast and cheaper than the train.  I had forgotten that about Italy (except for Rome).  Buses are better than the local train.


I arrived in Rome via Milano in the late afternoon.  The Central Station in Rome is huge. There are two levels.   Shops everywhere.  You have to stay alert as there are hand-bag snatchers, and don’t buy the tickets from people offering to, it could be a trick.  Stick with the machines or with the ticket counters if they are open.  Just an FYI, if you are hungry and want more selection head downstairs as there is a small grocery store.  You could buy pre-made sandwiches, etc.  It’s more inexpensive on the main level, upstairs.  You also get less of a constant crowd.  I also liked the bathrooms down here as opposed to the first (upper) level.  You have to pay in both bathrooms.  The cafes downstairs also have less of a crowd, and provide a more clam and cozy atmosphere.  No Starbucks in Rome or in Italy.  Thank God.  Free Internet connection, argh!, good luck with that.  Coffee wise, you get the best darn coffee in the world in all of Italy, including Rome, not that burned garbage from Starbucks.  I drink decaf.  And even the decaf was amazing in Rome, and pretty much all of Italy.


Organization wise, there is none, in fact its negative.  It boils down to one root problem lack of coordination.  I think many people in big cities of Italy are bored or may have some psychological problem or they just get their kicks  this way.  That is by blatantly cutting people off.  Example:  A guy cut me off at FCO while waiting for the check-in queue when I was going to leave Rome, and started smirking as if he had won a small fortune.  Another example:  I happened to be the first one on the bus that would take us to board our plane.  Also, I was the first one on the ladder.  I thought  to myself “there is first time for everything.” Until I was brushed and pushed aside by a medium sized, short lady who was in an incredible haste to board the plane.  I expressed “No scusa, No perdoneee… No nothing…”  Subsequently, I thought, oh maybe she had an emergency and had to go to the bathroom or something.  When I got upstairs, and the second passenger to board the plane,  I saw her smiling with her carry-ons stowed away.  I was puzzled and annoyed.  Mabye she was just mental or bored or got her kicks this way.  As far as Rome, probably not all of Italy, I think there are many people in Rome as in Manhattan who are just mental or bored, and just don’t care.


As far as Rome, and north of Italy.  I probably like Tuscany much better as its more relaxed and once has to be less alert.  However, Rome could be one of the best, I think better than Paris, if you have the right company.  I don’t know.  Italy in general I have found to be very hyper and very sexual.  In Rome, pedestrians don’t have the right of way, let alone a side walk.  The main roads will have a side walk.   In Rome, drivers have the right of way, and pedestrians have the privilege of walking the road or crossing the street.  It’s very funny, and could be dangerous at times, however, not as dangerous as crossing the street or roads in London.

Italy could be fun, and could be hell.   As one writer put it: “Italia Chaos. Bella Chaos.”


If you could drive from Rome to Nice then just drive.  If you could take a train then take a train.  The bus is a very long ride, and I don’t know enough about it.  I took the plane.  If you take the plane, try to take the earliest or latest plane.  As FCO Airport (Domestic EU) flights are not very organized.  Its takes you back to waiting for a boat without have a very reliable time-table.  And there is just one big giant screen with about 300 to 500 onlookers heading to different directions.  The price difference between flying and train was about $20, not including the $17 ticket from Rome terme to FCO.  So, about $37 difference. Not big.  Time wise, if the queues are quick, and you depart and arrive on time then plane is quickest.. Chances of that happening are slim, unless you book a 5:30am or 6:30am flight.  Better take the train next time?  Lol.


My flight from FCO to Nice, had loud disco-club music on.  It was on while boarding, during take off, during the flight, and I think also during our landing.  Seriously.  It was childishly funny and  unpleasant.  That was Rome.  On to oui, oui, and  excuse moi. Thank Goodness I was out of Rome! 🙂

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