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Nice Central Station (Gare de Nice) during April/May 2015 of my Visit. Not much of a train station in comparison to other European Train Stations.  It’s a pretty bare bones of a train station.  Possibly because one smaller part of it is under construction, and luckily, because Nice probably has a lesser population than other big cities and isn’t a full hub, as say Marseille.  And I prefer it being a smaller city.  I wish there was more security here.  Be on-guard, and be careful, especially at night, and I would also say especially women.  It’s a seedy area for sure.  Watch out for your handbags and luggage as well.  I think as long as you keep alert, and don’t doze off to la-la land you will be fine.   Also, it was good to see decent Police presence, yet it was only on certain days or certain times, and not all or most of the time.

The local trams, and buses are decent and efficient.   In comparison to local transport of Rome, Florence and the Tuscan region, well, Italy, again on this trip was more of a third world nation.  In general, in Italy one has to relax a bit more even amongst the hyperactive, over-sexed people.

Argh.  I was so dumb.  The Beaches! I could have gone to the lovely beaches of Antibes, and avoid those droves of tourists at the plage de l’angletre.  The beaches near Antibes, and further south are nicer except in High Season where it’s probably very crowded as well.  Luckily, I did get a full day trip at the Ville Franche (de mer). I would highly recommend a picnic day by the sand and a nice evening dinner on the hills of the Ville Franche.

On to Montpellier because that’s where I decided to be based from a geographical perspective.  It was a bad idea, and more on that later.

First take upon arriving in Montpellier Gare (Montpellier Central Station):  A clean, breathable, modern architecture design of a train station.  No, it’s not that I just like modern architecture, I also like the old styles such as Middle Ages, Gothic, Greco-Roman, Roman, Egyptian, Southeast-Asian, modern German, Scandinavian, etc..  It’s just got to be maintained, and clean.

I also like the idea of modern accessibility and sanitary conditions such as telecom, bathroom, electricity, and warmish water, newsstands, and above all safety.

Montpellier Gare has all that modern convenience with a University and Old Country feel right outside.  Nice Gare, Antibes Gare, even Cannes regional station, and not eve Marseille St Charles have that.

I get this feeling it was recently influenced by the Germans/Scandinavians.  Well done, Montpellier.   While I love medieval architecture from a living perspective as opposed to transport hub, I also like most of the modern convinces.

On my day trips to L’Avignion on the train I saw some amazing country side. The station “Tarascan” right before L’Avignion looks like it has beautiful country side.  I loved the stone bricked houses and buildings.  The trees, shrubs, and some kind of fruit bearing trees.  The dirt.  Yes, the dirt is different in every part of this planet.  I say planet as opposed to countries since later is more artificial and man-made.  I would have liked to see those houses with the green grass roofs or dry straw roofs.  I have seen them in pictures my friends brought while they had visited Norway, and Iceland.  I wonder how a hybrid of brick or stone and green houses would work in this Mediterranean region.  Would they be practical?

When I got to l’Avigion and was in the central museum or central city I booked a 65 Euro trip.  We went to Pont du guard, visited the Amphi Theater (Roman Theater) in ville l’Orange.  Then visited the vineyards where world’s best Rose wines are created.  The wines were superb.  And strong. J  There are a bunch of excursions from 65 to 110 Euros, and I recommend all of them.  There is one which you definitely have to be up for and that’s the one down south to Camargue. I highly recommend these excursions even though I only did one of them.  Or just do it on your own.  Just one note to see the Lavender fields you have to be here in June or July.  Call or do your research.  I didn’t.  And I don’t mind because it’s the road less planned.

Last Take on Montpellier:

Montpieler, avoid it.  Better to be based in l’Avigion or Nimes.  I prefer l’Avigion.  There’s more to watch in l’Avigion.  Montpellier is a decent place to stop and get some sleep, if you do that and have some time in the day make sure to visit the Train Station, and the beaches that are about an hour’s drive.   And that’s it.  Unless, you are a university student, and like to party like students do, then Montpellier could be your town.

One big reason for me not being and living in the country side is I don’t like to drive alone in EU.  Luckily, I got over that fear in a subsequent trip where I rented and drove a car alone.

One thing in general I like about not being in Paris is that the people and women are more amicable.  That doesn’t mean not to learn French.  Hope you have a lovely time in France people.

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