Aug 292013

Well, after being forced out from some family members and not worry about my mothers health, I am happily back from my trip. I was actually forced to leave my mother as she could manage much on her own. That was challenging. I am happy that my mother is much better now. So, having much of my personal worries I am back in NYC. I miss the cleanliness of Northern European Countries, and I miss the beautiful water bodies of southern Europe.

Everything is about moving fast, and quickly even when there is no reason to, and people hustling, and bustling. It is about survival as opposed to living and breathing.

No wonder Yoga is so big here, we hardly breathe properly. That means I can’t have that occasional smoke as it actually doesn’t relive stress.

And now its basically back to the (right) job very, very soon.



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Aug 072013

I had to revisit Spain and this trip would have been incomplete with out it.

Blanes, Spain
I headed to Blanes via Barcelona from a flight from Marseillie, France.
Blanes in short as a great beach as in much of Spain, East, South, North, or West to the Canary Islands. Blanes has a nice Jardin Boatanical as well. And thats about it. I was there for 3 nights, and went mostly to the beach. Avoid blanes if you can. More on that later. Better to go to Lloret de Mar, or even better is Tossa de Mar, and perhaps equally beautiful in a differnt way is probably Roses, Spain.

Barcelona, Spain
I been to Barecelona before, and stayed here for two nights before heading out to my other love. Mallorca. Actually my plans where to stay in Spain, and to go from Catalyuna to the North-East, Central North, North West, and south of Madrid later in September. I just started getting very tired, the humidity was a bit much for me, and lastly the pockets where taking a hit.

So before heading back to New York City, I head to my other love, Mallorca. I also had it in my plans to visit Menorca which I probably would love even more, and cancelled out it as I was just very tired, and didn’t want to exert too much energy.
While in Barcelona where I had also hope to live for about a week I mostly walked, went to local grocery stores near Via Augusta and walked all the way to La Sagrada Família (Sacred Family). The reason for this was the last time I was in Barcelona I had not visited the Sagrada Família properly, and was in quite a bit of hurriedness. This time it felt very good, and took in as much as I could possibly.

Mallorca, Spain
I later headed to Mallorca via an expensive last minute (a fews days prior) flight booking. There is a ferry, and it takes a long, long time and I believe you have to sit through it as opposed to sleep through it. The better bet is to take the Ferry to Menorca which is about 3 to 4 hours max, and spend a night or X amount of time in Menorca and take the ferry to Mallorca. If time permits I suggest to take the ferry both ways from Barcelona to Menorca Route. After all it is the clear, crisp, beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

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Aug 072013

Took the train from Zurich, Switzerland to Lyon, France via Geneva, Switzerland.

Lusanne, a city very close to Geneva seemed like a pristine Tuscan town, run with German efficiency, and Swiss banking, and believe it or not French Sweetness.
I will be back again in Lusanne one day.

I arrived in Lyon, and it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure if I would ever visit France after visiting Paris about 12 years ago. Lyon, France was totally different. People, of all ages, respected me, were truly humble, honest, and friendly. If there is ever a model of human respect, humbleness, honesty, and friendliness, and followed by original French foods from the farm to the kitchen or the cafe or Bistro, then it is in Lyon, France. It will serve as a model of humanism for me that I hope I don’t forget, and keep reminding myself to erode the times my ego (arrogance) might try taking me to heights in order to avoid the painful falls.

I stayed here in Lyon for 1 night, and spend 2 days wandering around.

Later, headed, to south France for some time with the bleu sea.

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Aug 072013

I arrived Zurich after having left Munchen via train.

While on the train I had an interesting friendly conversation with a couple. I suppose they where in their mid 50s. The term to use is middle age. God that sounds depressing. She was visiting her mother in Munich, Germany. She was German, and married to a native Swiss guy on the German side of Swiss. She had moved to Switzerland (Schweizland) while she was younger. She was more curious, friendly, and intending on conversing with me, than her laid back husband who was more interested in getting back home and getting on with his nap or life as routine. He was still friendly, and had a good sense of humor.

They asked me if I knew much about switzerland, and I replied not much, as I hadn’t much time to research as I wasn’t even sure if I would be visiting the Swiss. The only info I had was the hotels were expensive, and that food was expensive, and that the Von Tropp family from the Sound of Music found freedom in the Swiss region. Not to mention it was only a 3 hour train ride from Munchen.

Of-course, being wonderfully Swiss, they had to help me. She had her husband draw up a map of Switzerland, and the places I ought to visit as a first timer. The map was pretty good. If I still have it I will try to upload it here, scan it, etc. They gave me information on Schaffhausen, Lucerne, Berne, and two peaks in Switzerland. One peak was the largest in all of Switzerland, and the second was closer to Zurich, as Zurich would be the first city of my visit. Whilst the conversation I also kept my eye out on the scenery and it was beautiful, the country side not as beautiful as Germanys. The scenery while passing lakes and water bodies was absolutely stunning. The part where the country side was different and spectacularly beautiful was to be a later train ride from Zurich to Geneva.

Our train ride was almost over. I forgot to mention that she had become less friendly as I had mentioned that I visited Berlin, and PotsDam and found it interesting. I also came out and showed some other areas where she later commented and became a bit unfriendly and said “you know Switzerland doesn’t honor or need intellectuals”, “you know Switzerland doesn’t recognize any outside university achievements”
So after a quite 10 minute lapsed, and I wish I had kept my mouth shut. Just should have kept nodding, and smiling I could have avoided all this.
I guess the mistake was that the moment I had left my guard, and threw up my egotistical New Yorker self to express my opinion, whether intellectual or not, as if I was right.

Any how, I ordered a can of coke-light to keep awake, and paid the man over 5 CHF (thats over $5) for a can of coke. That kind of took some by surprise on the train as I also had bought sandwiches and non caffeinated drinks from supermarkets in Munich. As the food on the trains is super expensive especially one in Switzerland. The food on the train stations is also more expensive than in super markets. So, like the most of the 2nd class passengers I had done my grocery, and sandwich shopping in the stores and Munich supermarkets before boarding the train. You should too, as the trains dont have much of a food menu, let alone food.

It was time to part, and the couple got off at Winterthur. They lived near Winterthur and I could see why they made a good choice of living there as opposed to living in the city of Zurich.

Zurich is beautiful, airy, and something I wasn’t aware of super humid, and something I was aware of expensive in most things including local or regional transport. My advice to you is research Switzerland before you go, and definitely research the Swiss Pass. I bought the bit over $50, local 72 hour transport pass which came in handy for only the 10 to 20 hours + the boat ride, as I walked most of the time. Lake Zurich is beautiful, and I would take the boat ride to places much farther away where the water and area is much cleaner, and not many chances of running into other people or worst duck droppings. My advice if you are visiting Switzerland at Zurich is your first stop, then you will only need about a day or 1.5 days to see much of Zurich. The better places to visit are Schaffhausen, Lucerne.

Later, if you are looking to swim or dip in the water with not too many people and cleaner area hop on the train and go to Lake Weesen. Don’t forget to take your cooler, and have it filled with refreshments from the COOP Supermarket or the likes.

Well, my stay in Zurich had come to a close, and I was headed to Geneva for a day to head to Lyon, France for yet another day.

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Aug 072013

I headed back to Munchen for about 4 to 5 days. This time I said in a lovely apartment hotel
in Nymphenberger in the area from the schloss nymphenburg palace about a 30 min walk, 5 min drive, or 2.5 km. It was a great area and an area where I hope to stay in the future for a much longer time. I made some friends while attending a friend’s sibling’s friend party. The native Bavarian Germans were very friendly, and generous in many ways, including being offered an apartment if I was not going to have one the next day, as my plans were not made up for the next day. It was very much like an Agile software development project where you have a vision of places to touch-visit, and just not sure of your hour to hour or day to day exact details, and you leave certain decisions until you come to that crossing.

Well, it was great to come back as I saw how many native Muncheners live and loved being outside of the touristy areas. For the most part I can’t stand the touristy areas, the tourists feel like a herd of goats and clicking and snapping photographs everywhere. The excitement overwhelms their ability to first take it in or start to experience it to later digest it, etc. Not that I don’t get excited, at times I do too, and I end up regretting it, unless its excitement such as a music celebrity (U2’s Bono, Edge – show up), I have no problems with that. Yet, I would not like to snap away my camera as it is surely annoying. I prefer to experience, and record it in my head, eyes, ears, sensations, and feelings, and later eat or have coffee, and enjoy. Later, at late night go to my hotel room late at night, or the next day it will just happen, where I will just set aside a few hours or a day and knowing what to shoot, and what times of day to shoot.

I love photo shooting people too, though, people much over the world have become super self-concious and at times I am afraid to photograph them. As if he or she is that important. This has been a great lesson for myself as I will now smile freely and peacefully when someone has their camera pointed at me. Shoot away 🙂

Munchen has an awesome central train station (HauptBahnof) where you get connections to almost anywhere in the rest of Deutsche Land, and much of bordering European countries I loved the U-Bahn especially the U1 line from HauptBahnof in the Olympia-EinKaufszentrum direction. I would exit at the Gern stop.
And Gern stop was my favorite stop, as the station has much modern art work going on, and is super clean like much of (good side of) Munich, and the trains including the U-Bahn were always clean compared to our smelly NYC subway stations and actual train cars. This was pretty much true in most of Deutsche Land that I visited or passed through. Yes, in Berlin there were areas of grafiti, and none that I saw on the subways, and maybe I missed them. There is one area, actually its a nice are of Munchen, where I saw Graffiti, and it was hidden under a auto pass through. It was super awesome graffiti-art. I forgot to take a pic.

Hint: its near the Mercedes Benz dealer ship in Munchen with the tall lighted sign as a reminder of where one is.

Yes, I will be back. And will surely visit again, and again as the Christmas market and the Peters Kirche will bring me back, and so will oktoberfest (just not in 2013). Then there are so much to do in the country side, and that is my most favorite part of Bavaria and Bavaria in the South, and Deutsche Land in General.

Any of you remember Nina from the 80s? Well after finding time to update this post, and spending time in Mallorca, well I just couldn’t help think about Nina. Here is link from the past, and still damn good:

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